The BerryWorld brand was founded on a desire to give the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from eating our berries, every time, whatever the season.

We know that consumers can be disappointed when they buy berries, and for many, they are a rare treat to be savoured. BerryWorld berries are different as we work to improve every variety of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry that goes into our packs. This might be to achieve better flavour, to improve their shelf life or to improve their texture, to give you the best eating experience possible. Perfecting the next best berry takes years of investment and expertise.

Great strawberries all year round

Unlike other companies who source different berries from around the world, selling one variety one week and a different one the next, we invest in varietal breeding programmes around the world to give you consistent availability of the best berries, all year round. Our breeding work is proprietary, meaning that these berries can only be found in BerryWorld packs. (For more information on breeding visit our BerryWorld varieties site)

Berryworld logo

The BerryWorld Identity

The BerryWorld brand is an abstract illustration of a colourful juicy berry, brought to life by the sunlight that nourishes it. Each segment represents the evolving cycles of nature and our global sourcing from the far corners of the world. As the curved BerryWorld name suggests, we want to make you smile every time you enjoy our packs, savouring the flavour of years of work to bring the best berries into your home.