Established in 2015, BerryWorld Varieties aims to deliver quality plants of the varieties that are available to BerryWorld growers worldwide. 

The business was set up to manage the process of plant orders, propagation and delivery of plants ensuring every plant has the capacity to deliver to its full potential in regard to yield and fruit quality. As an organisation that sits between propagators and growers, BerryWorld Varieties strives for sustainable relationships that create the foundation for the development of such important varieties. 

BerryWorld Varieties are responsible for ensuring propagators meet strict plant specifications, are licensed to propagate the variety, meet legal standards and are fully compliant with both local and international plant health requirements. 

The team also offers support in the shipping and establishment of the plants to our growers, as well as managing plant orders, transport and supporting the payment process for the material - in essence fulfilling an end-to-end service from propagator to grower.

Sam Rowe

Samuel Rowe, General Manager of BerryWorld Varieties

Samuel joined BerryWorld UK in 2009 as a Management trainee, he subsequently spent time in various roles before technically managing the Marks and Spencer account.  Samuel become part of the supply team in 2012 where he has focussed on crop planning and varietal development from both the Edward Vinson strawberry programme and the BerryWorld Plus programme. Samuel was appointed as General Manager of BerryWorld Varieties in January 2016; tasked with improving planning and delivery of plant material.