BerryWorld was founded on a desire to give the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from eating our berries, every time, whatever the season

BerryWorld work with a close family of growers, hand selecting the best varieties to ensure you  have the greatest pleasure and enjoyment when eating them!  

Unlike other companies, varietal development is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring we deliver a consistent supply of the best berries, all year round. We work closely with our growers to provide berries with a perfect balance of flavour, tantalising texture and improved shelf life.

So whether you’re craving, sweet, juicy and indulgent strawberries, velvety melt in the mouth raspberries, succulent blueberries that burst with each bite or the tart and tangy comfort of blackberries, the choice should always be BerryWorld. 

The BerryWorld Identity

The BerryWorld brand is an abstract illustration of a colourful juicy berry, brought to life by the sunlight that nourishes it. Each segment represents the evolving cycles of nature and our global sourcing from the far corners of the world. As the curved BerryWorld name suggests, we want to make you smile every time you enjoy our packs, savouring the flavour of years of work to bring the best berries into your home.