Matching farm locations with berry varieties for top-tasting results

Queensland-grown berries are produced at Wamuran and Applethorpe, near Stanthorpe, both in the state’s south. The Wamuran farm produces the winter strawberry crop under typically mild, warm conditions while the Applethorpe farm is perfectly situated in Queensland’s coolest region to produce the summer crop. Because berries are so delicate, we grow strawberries and raspberries under polytunnels to protect fruit from wind and rain and keep it at a consistent temperature no matter what season it is. Our specialty strawberries are grown in traditional strawberry beds and on table tops. All berries are picked and packed by hand, chilled for transport and sent to market within 24 hours. That’s fresh!

BerryWorld Farms
  • Wamuran strawberries

    The moderate winters of Wamuran in south-east Queensland are ideal for producing sweet, flavoursome strawberries. A portion of the polytunnel crop is grown in traditional beds on the ground covered in plastic sheeting. Openings are created for the runners as strawberry plants depend on soil for support only. The rest of the crop is grown using the substrate method where runners are planted in beds of coconut coir on table tops. The Wamuran crop is produced between May and October.

  • Stanthorpe strawberries

    Our farm in the Stanthorpe district of the picturesque Granite Belt was specifically chosen to produce the summer strawberry crop because it has up to 14 hours of daylight and daytime temperatures which rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius. Here, fruit chosen for its high colour and consistent flavour is a perfect match for the long summer days. The summer crop is grown under polytunnels to protect it from rain, resulting in bright, clean fruit with a natural sheen. In the event of extreme heat, sprinklers cool down the temperature inside the tunnels. The Stanthorpe crop is produced between September and May.

  • Stanthorpe raspberries

    Our specialty raspberry crop is grown in polytunnels at Stanthorpe, southern Queensland which provide this cool-climate fruit with protection from the harsh Australian sun. The specialty variety, bred in the United Kingdom, has been selected primarily for flavour and appearance attributes. The farm, in Queensland's coolest region, provides the ideal natural conditions supported by protected cropping infrastructure. Raspberry canes grow vertically, supported on trellises. Fruit is ready for harvest about 100 days after planting. The raspberry crop spans November to May with the season's peak in February.