Sweet and tangy, kiwi berries are loaded with the tasty goodness you'll love

Kiwi berries, good things come in small packages

Kiwi berries look very much like the original kiwi fruit, however, kiwi berries are a fraction of the size and unlike their larger cousin, the berry version does not have furry skin, which means you can eat them whole … no fuzz, no fuss!

Kiwi berries are about the size of a grape and look very similar to a gooseberry, but they are actually much sweeter. Low in calories and high in nutrients, they are the healthy eaters best friend!

These baby kiwis are more nutrient dense in vitamins and minerals than regular kiwi fruits, they are high in vitamin C and a source of fibre which makes them ideal for lunchboxes and a great alternative snack to sweets and biscuits.

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No fuzz, no fuss!

Limited edition BerryWorld kiwi berries can be found at the following select stores:

When buying kiwi berries, look for plump, juicy, firm berries.Kiwi berries are ready ripened when you buy them.

Kiwi berry nutrition

  • Kiwi berries are a source of vitamin C which contributes to maintaining the normal function of the immune system
  • Kiwi berries are a source of fibre

Kiwi berry nutrition per 100 g

  • 271 kJ in kiwi berries
  • 1.5g Fat in kiwi berries
  • 13.8g Carbohydrate in kiwi berries
  • 1.4g Protein in kiwi berries
  • 4.7g Fibre in kiwi berries
  • 84.6mg Vitamin C in kiwi berries

Best kiwi berry recipes

If snacking on them isn't enough then they can be blended into your breakfast, added to your salad, or baked into delicious desserts, kiwi berries make for a scrumptious and nutritious addition to just about any occasion.

Here at BerryWorld we have created a selection of tasty kiwi berries recipes especially for you to discover the richness and joy within the world of blueberries.

How to keep your kiwi berries fresh

Store kiwi berries in the fridge as soon as possible after purchase. Keep the punnet upright and handle carefully to avoid bruising.

It is important that kiwi berries are brought to room temperature before eating; this brings out the fullest flavours in the fruit.

If required you can speed up ripening by storing in a paper bag at room temperature which will increase the ethylene produced and the rate of ripening.

Always wash your kiwi berries before you eat them. The best way to do this is to carefully place them into a colander, rinse under cold water and gently pat dry with kitchen towel

When are kiwi berries in season?

Available: August, September, October

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