BerryWorld Australia brings together the global berry expertise of BerryWorld Group with the strawberry growing credentials of Australia’s Piñata Farms – respected for producing quality, flavoursome berries for Australian consumption since 2000. Queensland-based Piñata Farms is a family owned and operated farming business which produces strawberries, pineapples and specialty mangoes in five states across Australia, supplying fresh premium fruit to market every week of the year.

BerryWorld Australia’s growing regions have been selected to match their unique climatic conditions with the growing requirements of selected BerryWorld varieties for optimal flavour and year 'round production. 

Gavin Scurr, Managing Director of BerryWorld Australia

Gavin Scurr is a seasoned fresh produce grower and industry leader with experience in Australian horticulture spanning more than 30 years. He is managing director of Australian fruit producer Piñata Farms which produces pineapples and strawberries year 'round and specialty Honey Gold mangoes seasonally.

Under Gavin’s leadership, Piñata Farms has grown from a single pineapple farm in the 1960s to become Australia’s largest pineapple producer. It is among the country’s largest strawberry producers and holds the breeding rights to grow Honey Gold mangoes. Gavin is renowned as an industry visionary and innovator. He was appointed managing director of BerryWorld Australia in 2016.

Gavin Scurr