BerryWorld Europe supply top quality berries to wholesalers and retailers within Europe.

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We offer year round supply of soft fruit to European customers developing world-wide sourcing by bringing growers and customers together within a highly efficient supply chain. We leverage the experience gained by BerryWorld Europe shareholders to the benefit of our growers and customer

About BerryWorld Europe

Formerly known as Vitalberry BV, BerryWorld Europe was established in 2007 as a joint venture between Beekers Berries, the leading Dutch berry producer and BerryWorld. Based in Made, Holland, BerryWorld Europe is a specialist supplier of soft fruit to the European continent and aims to develop worldwide sourcing to bring the grower and customer together within a highly efficient supply chain.

Winners of Dutch Product of the Year for two consecutive years, BerryWorld Europe has been awarded for the success of its Sweet Eve strawberry (2014-2015) and raspberry (2015-2016), supplied to Albert Heijn. It’s access to the Edward Vinson, BerryWorld Plus and Mountain Blue Orchards breeding programmes, combined with local growing expertise and a full range of niche berries, gives them a market-leading, 52 week European offer. BerryWorld Europe supplies retailers and wholesalers across the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Scandinavia.

The environment

BerryWorld Europe and its suppliers from around the world have a duty to ensure that their operations do not adversely affect the environment.

BerryWorld Europe's growers and suppliers from around the world are aware of the need to minimise their impact on their local environment and enhance wildlife provision wherever possible.

To achieve this, our growers and suppliers employ a number of techniques including the use of independent studies and advisors in order to give them the best platform from which to grow their businesses in an environmentally sustainable way.

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Ethical trading

BerryWorld Europe is a strong supporter of ethical trading practices and we positively encourage our growers, suppliers and packers to implement these practices in their own businesses. All products are grown to the high standard Eurep Gap Certification.

All our berries have full traceability, allowing product to be tracked right through the supply chain back to the field.

BerryWorld Europe are members of SEDEX (Social and Ethical Data Exchange) the internet based information system. This facility allows suppliers and packers to enter information about their working practices which can be viewed by BerryWorld Europe and its customers. More information on SEDEX can be found on

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Wil Beekers Managing Director of BerryWorld Europe

After working for 6 years in a vegetable breeding company called Enza in the Netherlands, Wil started his own company growing cucumbers  in 1992.  In 1995, he moved into strawberries followed by raspberries and blackberries in the following years. The current group of Dutch growers was also formed during this period.  In 2007, he together with Vital Berry Marketing and BerryWorld formed VitalBerry, In 2008, Wil became Managing Director of VitalBerry, which is now called BerryWorld Europe. Today BerryWorld Europe is a joint venture between BerryWorld and Beekers Berries.

Wil Beekers