BerryWorld Plus breeds market leading varieties of Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries

Blackberry In Between Fingers

The BerryWorld Plus breeding programme was established in 2001, with the aim of breeding new and better soft fruit varieties that offer the consumer flavour that is equal to or better than the competition, as well as increased yields for the growers. 

The company is a joint venture between the experienced soft fruit grower, breeder and propagator Edward Vinson Ltd, leading soft fruit grower Hall Hunter partnership and the leading soft fruit marketing company BerryWorld. Today, BerryWorld Plus has breeding locations in the UK and Spain and is successfully acting on the breeding, development and support of exceptional soft fruit varieties grown in a number of countries. 

Its release of Sapphire raspberries in 2013 has been recognised with multiple awards across the UK and Europe.

Our Promises

  • To breed varieties that give our growers the potential to be profitable. 
  • To breed varieties that offer significance to our customers through improved flavour, shelf life and presentation. 
  • Control the procedures and processes we undertake to ensure the future and longevity of each of our unique berries. 
  • To provide high health material to nominated propagators. 
Raspberry Closeup Cutout

Tomer Biran, General Manager of BerryWorld Plus

Tomer became the general manager of BerryWorld plus in April 2015, following nine years of practicing law as a commercial attorney in some of Israel's top law firms. Apart from his legal expertise, Tomer has experience in advertising and also holds a master's in law and business from WHU school of management and Bucerius law school in Hamburg, Germany. 

Tomer Biran