Fresh Spanish Prepared Fruit Supplier

Strawberry Being Cut

PrepWorld Spain is a specialist prepared fruit supplier whose objective is to supply fresh, tasty and innovative prepared fruit packs to the Spanish market.

In order to deliver a truly Spanish offer, Prepworld have established a joint venture with Surexport Compañia Agraria S.L., a major Spanish grower, marketer and exporter of soft fruit. The new venture is based in Valencia, which provides an excellent geographical location for the supply into the Spanish market and access point for the best of local and international produce. 

Pepe Morant, General Manager of PrepWorld Spain

Pepe has an extensive experience of fresh produce in both Spain and the UK, most recently as General Manager of Del Monte Spain. Pepe is on a mission to take Spanish fruit consumers to the next level as ready-to-eat convenience shoppers. 

Pepe Morant Pw Background