Offices based in Stellenbosch, South Africa with production sites spread across South Africa.

Hand Holding Blueberries

Established in 1993, BerryWorld South Africa is a joint venture between Trevor McKenzie and BerryWorld.  BerryWorld South Africa is the largest blueberry exporter in South Africa with over 750 hectares, covering low and high chill sites. BerryWorld South Africa supplies the UK, Ireland, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Far and Middle East.

BerryWorld South Africa works with an expert grower base and have a dedicated R&D trial site to develop improved production systems as well as a dedicated nursery for optimum plant material quality control. Through exclusive breeding programmes, the grower base has access to leading varieties including Fall Creek, University of Florida, University of Georgia, Mountain Blue Orchards and BerryWorld Plus

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have Black Empowerment projects within the grower base.
There are various community related projects and activities, which include (but are not limited to): Creche’s for farm labourers' children, training programs for labours and their families, sporting activities and facilities and hostel accommodation for labourers.

Some of our growers are involved with:

  • Emerging Leaders program (M&S approved)
  • Waitrose Foundation
Eurafruit Csr

Trevor McKenzie, Managing Director of BerryWorld South Africa

Trevor established Eurafruit in 1994 as a grower focussed, export soft fruit business concentrating on blueberries and raspberries for the UK and Continental Europe.  Eurafruit spawned a number of associated joint ventures including Eurafruit Variety Group (Pty) Ltd and Cape Variety Group (Pty) Ltd; who hold licenses for various variety programmes.  In 2014 Trevor signed a joint venture with BerryWorld resulting in the launch of BerryWorld South Africa in 2016.

Trevor Mc Kenzie