BerryWorld believe it is of the utmost importance to treat our people, community, resources and environment as our most precious assets.

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BerryWorld adopt our friendly, personal and professional approach to our CSR policy and strive to ensure all our staff have the opportunity to get involved in all key areas of our policy in order to bring about a greater awareness and understanding of our individual responsibilities to improve our local communities and our environment.

BerryWorld Supports

  • Conservation

    Wilderness Foundation

    BerryWorld are proud to support the Wilderness Foundation UK which harnesses the positive power of wilderness to change lives and the positive power of humanity to save wilderness. With a dual goal to preserve wild spaces and to enable people – especially the young – to experience their life-giving power.

  • Water Management


    Berryworld are active members of the Ferdonana initiative, a water efficiency training scheme for strawberry farmers in the Donana National Park in Huelva, Spain. Focusing on optimising water use and reducing the risks of water shortages, our grower Berrynest are heavily involved in the training program and have been involved since its initiation last year. Other members of the group include Danone, Innocent, M&S, Tesco and WWF.

  • Conservation


    BerryWorld support LEAF, the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming. Every year for Open Farm Sunday, BerryWorld join our growers all over the country to open their gates to the public, enabling them to discover real farming first hand.  Visitors get to see for themselves how their berries are produced, it’s a great way for farmers to shine a light on what they deliver and why supporting farming matters.

  • Community

    Skip2B Fit

    BerryWorld are proud sponsors of Skip2Bfit. The Skip2Bfit Workshops are unique skipping workshops which motivate children to succeed, whilst at the same time encouraging them to exercise. The workshops take place in schools in class sessions followed by a 15 minute full school assembly at the end of the day.  The sessions show children how to skip, breaking it down into 5 simple steps and then demonstrating what can be achieved with practice, showing technique that boxers use for skipping. Every child who participates receives free blueberries as the team firmly believe exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.