The seven segments of our identity reflect our global scale and presence in each of the seven continents of the world.

Hand Picking Raspberries

Every BerryWorld company with in the group works closely with the shared grower base to drive mutual benefit for all. Some of our largest growers have been with the business since BerryWorld UK was established in 1994 and have expanded with us, hence our moto “Growing the BerryWorld”. We are proud to invest financially in our growers to help maintain a sustainable supply chain and have invested millions of pounds supporting land expansion projects and funding improved crop management systems since we were established.

A selection of this season's growers

  • Strawberry Jo - Jordan

    Strawberry Jordan Nursery was established in 2005 by Ahmad Omar and has supplied BerryWorld with strawberries since 2012.  Strawberry Jordan farm in Madaba is 800 metres above sea level, resulting in great tasting, sweet berries. 

    Ahmad, his wife Yasmine and their team grow strawberries in Jordan from the beginning of October and they supply the UK market into February. All 80 hectares are covered by high tunnels to protect against rain and frosts, maximising quality for BerryWorld consumers.

  • Dreammaker Fruits – South Africa

    Dreammaker Fruits’ farming operations consist of two sites, Zuurvlakte and Teeland, situated just outside of Porterville in the Western Cape region of South Africa. The majority shareholder, Stephen Taylor, is passionate about the soft fruit industry and has other berry related operations in South Africa, the UK and Poland. Dreammaker has 78 hectares of soft fruit (primarily Blueberries) planted across the two sites and has been supplying Berryworld since 2003/04,  playing a pivotal role in developing the South African Blueberry industry in the early years.

  • Bionest

    Bionest was established in 1992 following a family decision to produce organic berries. Bionest operates in a privileged natural environment called Doñana inspiring them to produce organic fruit which will help sustain and preserve the beautiful neighbouring landscape. Many different varieties of wildlife, plants and animals share their extraordinary location. This is the main reason why their growing techniques and agricultural practices are extremely cautious and respectful of any impact they may have on nature.  As part of our long term relationship, they have expand their production area to the warmest area of the region bringing berry production earlier, now starting at the end of September.