Blueberry Magic

    Blueberry Magic

    Blueberries are well known for being the healthiest berry of them all. They contribute towards your five a day count, are fat-free and packed with vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system - these berries are healthy eaters best friend. With a slightly tart yet mellow sweet flavor they also taste fantastic!

    Amongst other nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C and K, blueberries also contain anthocyanins, polyphenols and various phytochemicals which are being studied for their potential high antioxidant role in the human body.

    Did you know 44% of blueberry consumers state that they eat the same amount of blueberries all year round? Compared to strawberries were 27% say the eat the same all year round and raspberries were 28% of consumers eat the same all year round. (Source: Consumer Research Aug 2018 number of respondents: 1833)

    Our blueberries are sourced year around - our UK season falls from June through to October.

    For the rest of the year, we handpick our blueberries from the following countries:

    • South Africa, Mauritania, Zimbabwe - September to February
    • Spain/Portugal - March to June
    • Morocco - January to April
    • Argentina - September to February
    • Chile - November to March
    • France - June to August
    • Holland, Italy - June to July
    • Poland - July to September

    They travel well, they are robust berries with a long shelf life. What makes our berries this good? Years and years of selective breeding have allowed the breeder to specially select the varieties with the sweetest flavour, best texture and longest shelf-life. The fruits also travel so well due to the hard work put in by our teams in South Africa, Spain and Portugal to ensure our growers are getting the maximum potential out of the varieties both growing and harvesting the fruit.

    Here are our top recipe picks for you to enjoy any time of the year.

    Breakfast inspiration

    Blueberry and butter milk scones

    Light and fruity and simply served split open, with the tastiest freshest tasting blueberry jam spooned generously on top, these blueberry scones are as close to heaven on a plate as you can get.

    Lunch inspiration

    Blueberry quinoa salad

    This tasty salad is ideal for easy lunches, with the sweet flavour of the blueberries and the crunchiness of the pepper this is sure to be a go to dish.

    Dinner inspiration

    Griddled halloumi with blueberry, spring onion & toasted almond couscous

    Perfect for a mid-week supper or a special occasion this easy and quick to make vegetarian dish is both tasty and healthy, the spiciness of the harissa complementing the sweet and juicy blueberries.

    Cook’s tip: Halloumi can be replaced with either salmon or lamb.

    Smoothie inspiration

    Blueberry Buzz Smoothie

    This colourful blueberry smoothie is quick, healthy, and delicious and makes the perfect breakfast or pick- me-up at any time of the day.

    Healthy snack inspiration

    Healthy chia and blueberry muffins

    These oaty little chia & blueberry muffins are perfect for breakfast on the go, or something healthy to snack on in the day.

    04 December 2018
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