Bone appetite this Halloween

    Bone appetite this Halloween

    I-scream may be a favourite for the little terrors but we've got some awesome healthy gruesome treats for the family - not only do they look good on the outside, but they're good for you on the inside. Read on for our selection of trick or treats...

    1. Berry Heavenly Graveyard Pudding, by BerryWorld

    This fun and easy on the eye treat is sure to go down a treat with the little ones. With a mixture of goodness of blackberries and dark chocolate its bound to go down well.

    2. Halloween Hocus Pocus Punch, by BerryWorld

    This punch is full of an abundance of fruit, the spooky orange peel, apple and floating berries are great for the little ones imaginations.

    3. Chocolate Strawberry Ghost Halloween ScareBerries, by BerryWorld

    A simple yet delightful fun Halloween treat, with the main base of strawberries you can't go wrong.

    4. Silly apple bites (with strawberry tongues), by Fork and Beans

    They're fun, easy and full of goodness. The apple and berry bites are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained and eating more fruity goodness!

    5. Orange jack o lantern fruit cups (with berries), by In the Playroom

    A completely fruit based alternative - orange lantern fruit cups!

    6. Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs, by Katarina's Paperi

    So simple but effective - the little scary faces transform the whole treat.

    7. Frankenstein smoothie bowl, by Healthy Little Foodies

    Transform the little guys into green hulks this Halloween with this Frankenstein smoothie!

    8. Spiderman strawberries, by BerryWorld

    With minimal use of sugar and majority use of all berry goodness we give you the perfect Halloween treat.

    9. Berry scary halloween eyeballs, by BerryWorld

    Half the Oreo with a whole blueberry - make sure you pick out a big BerryWorld blueberry for maximum goodness!

    10. Raspberry Mummy Bakes, by BerryWorld

    Filled with the goodness of raspberries, these mummies are guaranteed to satisfy the little tummies!

    11. Strawberry witch hats, by BerryWorld

    Tops filled with strawberries, these will go down a treat!

    12. Blueberry eyeball jelly, by BerryWorld

    Full of fruity goodness of blueberries and lychees - a sweet treat to satisfy the little tastebuds.

    28 October 2018
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  • Fun and easy to make, these chocolate dipped strawberries are great to make with the kids over Easter. With loads of fresh fruit, they are a healthier addition to the chocolate Easter egg pile. 🍓🍫 Ingredients:
🍫150g dark or milk chocolate
🍫150g white chocolate
🍓20 strawberries (approx.)
✨Small cake decorations such as hundreds and thousands or flowers and stars.

👉Carefully melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over some hot water or in the microwave by heating for 30 seconds on a low setting then stirring and repeat. Whichever method you choose, continue until almost completely melted then allow the last few lumps to melt in the residual heat.
👉Set out your decorations in little bowls ready to use.
👉Once the chocolate is melted, dip a strawberry in up to its ‘shoulders’ allow it to drip for a few seconds then dip into one of your bowls of decorations and lay on a sheet of grease proof paper to set.
👉Repeat with the rest of your strawberries.
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